Sunday, December 20, 2009

Irish Fry

 In Ireland, they have sausage.  Lovely sausage.  Amazingly, I mean nothing crude about it.  Clonakilty has the best Irish sausage around.  I am in love with black pudding.  White pudding kinda rocks too.  The beans at breakfast I could do w/out...but whatever!

So this is my first (very successful!) attempt at an Irish Fry while we were in the Coach House in Dunworley.

The finished breakfast.  Freakin' good.  Meat good.  um.

and here's A2's meal halfway thru...beans for breakfast..yuck, sorry!  Oh, this is at the hotel we stayed at for a night in Dublin. George Bernard Shaw lived there...whatever.  Breakfast was a buffet that was our first Irish fry and definitely the least impressive.  Mine was better.  'cause mine rocked.

And at the Coach House, pregnant cows and new mothers and calves were staying next door...I learned that cows are not as scary as I thought and calves act like big dogs, galumphing around. And that Irish grass-fed beef is AMAZINGLY tasty!!

Ah. yummy Ireland.
So, I am, obviously, The Worst Blogger In The World.  I had all sorts of good intentions of sharing the Ireland experience, but it's hard to find time and I didn't want to have a half-assed thing, which is why I started this...but apparently it happened anyway.  Well, as TWBITW, I promise NOTHING now.  Nada. Zip. Nichts. so there.